Terms of Use

Congratulations, you are actually are reading our Terms of Use for our site eyebrow growth serum dot com.

It is here at our lawyer’s insistence. At first we thought they were just being a pain. Then we read the page. It includes some important points. We have converted their legalese into more readable English for non-lawyer types. You are doing the smart thing in reading this page.

It helps to prevent you from nasty letters from our lawyers, or worse yet, prosecutors.

These Term of Use were last updated on October 19, 2013.

Here is the Condensed Terms of Use Version


We keep up the site, www.eyebrowgrowthserum.com, so you and others may use it for entertainment, education, information, communication and other purposes. You are welcome to browse and download from the site for your own personal use. Do not mess with the copyright notices on the stuff you download. Do not even think about reusing, reposting or other uncool uses of our stuff, including audio, video, text and images for commercial reasons, unless we give you written permission. It is unlikely we will.

When you visit our site, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions as well as the laws governing Internet use. If you have a problem with our terms, do not access or browse our site. Once you start, you are stuck with our terms and conditions.

The Big Eleven: Rules for Cybersurfers Hanging Out Here

  1. Assume everything is copyrighted. We will tell you if it is not. Since it is, you have to follow our rules for using the stuff on the page without written permission. Even if we wanted to give you that right, our lawyers have veto power. So, it’s best if you do not ask.
  2. Although we try to be accurate with our info, we could be wrong. We only promise entertainment. If you use our stuff, you assume the risk. Don’t call if there is a problem as we do not claim responsibility.
  3. We and those who help create our page and information are not liable for damages you suffer using it. We are not responsible if during your course of browsing our site, you or your computer is damaged. This includes the potential for your computer to catch a virus. We hope it doesn’t happen, but if it does, you assumed the responsibility by browsing or using our site. Don’t call us.
  4. Unless you do not want others to know your business, do not tell us, by posting on our site or bulletin boards. Anything you disclose to us becomes ours, allowing us to do what we want with the stuff you post. We can transmit, publish, reproduce or do anything else we choose with it. We can even use ideas, know-how, concepts and techniques you post, including products or other stuff using your information.
  5. 5When we post pictures of people or places on our site, they either belong to us or someone who has given us permission to post them. They are not your property. You do not have permission to use them. Keep your downloads to yourself.
  6. The same applies to the logos, trademarks and service marks on our site. Leave them alone and do not mess with them. If we have to, we will ask a prosecutor or our nasty lawyers to come after you for messing with our property.
  7. See all those links to other sites on our pages. We have not looked at them all and do not check them out regularly to see what is on there. Don’t blame us if the link is bad or offensive. Use them at your own risk.
  8. You should know we occasionally take part in chat groups and look at postings on our site. We are not responsible for the content on these locations, any mistakes, libel, defamation, slander or profanity you might see there. Don’t be stupid by adding unlawful, nasty, mean, profane or pornographic material there. While we respect your privacy, we value our own freedom and will cooperate with law enforcement and courts.
  9. Patriotic US laws protect the software on this site. You are not allowed to download or send the software to countries where the US enforces embargoed goods. The government has other lists that limit Internet use of certain other people. You know who you are. In fact, you should not even be reading this page in those countries or if on those lists, so get lost!
  10. 10. This is our page and we can change it as we see fit. When we change this page, you are stuck with the changes, whenever you visit our site.

If either of us wants to go to court, here are the rules of engagement:

We are based in the United Kingdom, which governs the site.

We will do all our court battles through state or federal courts in the United Kingdom.

Here is how we prefer to resolve disputes:

First, we will try to resolve it using a mutually upon mediator in United Kingdom. Costs and fees other than attorney fees are shared equally.

If mediation cannot resolve the problem, we agree to submit to binding arbitration through the United Kingdom arbitration system using the American Arbitration Association rules. The judgment awarded may be entered in any court having jurisdiction to enter it.

Should you have any questions regarding these Terms of Use, you can contact us here.