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Our Privacy Policy for eyebrow growth serum dot com.

The last update of this policy was October 31, 2013.

This website,, has always wished to offer the visitors to it the advantages of any technology that the Internet currently has, as well as an experience that is both interactive and personalized.

This is why we may choose to use Personally Identifiable Information that is subject to the terms you will read in this policy. These types of information are things like your street address, e-mail addresses, your name, and telephone number.

However, we would like you to know that we will never sell, rent, barter, or otherwise give any of your information out to any third parties.

General information

1. Information Gathering Process

The way that we collect information and gather different things is based entirely on what page you happen to be visiting.

Some activities that you do on these pages change how information is delivered, as well as services that we provide. You may be asked to provide information at the point of registration in order to access certain parts of our site, or perhaps to use or request certain features. Some of these things may be newsletters, or any purchases that are made. You might provide this type of information if you enter into any sweepstakes or contests, post on message boards, chat in chat rooms, or partake in activities on other parts of our site.

Most web sites collect information automatically and do not use actual people to do so as this would be an invasion of privacy, but also very difficult.

This is why electronic tools are used instead. However, these tools are encrypted so that nobody can use or see your information. We may log things like the name of the Internet Provider that you use, or even use cookie technology to recognize who you are and keep important information from your visit. The cookies that we store may include things such as your name, password, and user name in order to make it easier for you to log in and navigate through the site later. We might also control the specific amount of times you see advertisements on our site based on this information.

At times, we also choose to use different types of technology, so we can have to either re-gather the information, or use other means to get in. At certain times, you might be able to choose to not provide us with this information by setting your browser to not accept cookies. However, if you do this you might not be able to enter certain parts of the site later on.

You also might be forced to reenter your name and password, as well as other types of information, and therefore we will be unable to customize and save any settings that you have used within our site.

2. What Is Done With Information We Gather

As with many other publishers on the Internet, we do collect information in order to not only enhance your visit, but to be sure we can deliver content and advertisements that are individualized.

This means that we also respect your privacy and will never share your information with anybody.

Information that does not personally identify you, which is known as aggregated information, may be used in a great many ways. We might use this information and combine it with things like your usage patterns in order to enhance our sites and services. This helps us to learn which pages you visit most, which pages you enjoy, and the features on said pages which you like. This type of information may at times be shared with business partners or advertisers. However, this does not include any information that will be able to identify you, or that a person can identify you with individually.

Personally Identifiable Information that is collected on this website may be used in order to communicate with you, and also to inquire about your registration and preferences for customization. The Terms of Service, privacy policy, services and products offers, and any other topics we find important will also use your gathered information. This helps us make your visit better.

Personally Identifiable Information may also be collected and used for purposes such as administration, e-commerce transaction processing, troubleshooting, contest and sweepstakes administration, and other types of communication that we have with you. There are certain third parties that provide support in a technical fashion on this site that may need to access this information. However, we will only ever use your information in these cases as allowed by law. This also means that at times we might continue with business development, buy, merge, sell, or collaborate with other businesses and companies. When this happens, we will disclose your information only when we are ordered to do so by a court, or when it is viable to do so. We might do this also when the law requires of us, when we need to collect debts or amounts of money from you, or at the request and order of law enforcement agencies.

However, we may not be able to provide you with disclosure or any notice when these types of things happen.

3. Linked Sites, Affiliates and Advertisements

This website expects all partners, affiliates, advertisers and third parties have the utmost respect for the privacy of every user we have.

However, be aware that third parties, affiliates, partners, and advertisers and other providers of content that are accessible through our site might have their own politics and practices in place for privacy and data collection. This means that you might choose to visit our site and link to another site that is hosted by another person, but that this person may have different policies in place for your privacy. Be aware that although you are on a site that is linked to ours, that it is not our site, and that they may not collect information the same as we do. This is why it is important to know that our site is not responsible for anything that happens outside of our site. However, you should always be sure of the applicable privacy policies of any site that you visit, even if you link to that site from ours in order to be safe, and to understand their rules about third parties.

While you are visiting our site, promotional partners, advertisers, or any other third parties, be aware that cookies or technology that might be used to identify your preferences, or retrieve information about you, might be in use.

An example of this is when our advertisements are created by third parties, who might need to use cookies to decide if you’ve seen an advertisement before, or if it is your first time seeing a particular advertisement. Some other features of these sites may use cookies to discover whether or not you may be interested in services or products offered. This means our web site does not control or limit the collection of your information by affiliates or other sites, and that we are not responsible for the policies that these other sites have in place.

Please be aware that if you do decide to volunteer any Personally Identifiable Information on places such as chats or message boards that this information may be able to be seen and collected publicly by third parties. This does happen without our knowledge and is why you may or may not get unsolicited messages from third parties or individuals after visiting our site. These are not something under our control, but rather something that you must be wary of.

In short, do not volunteer any personal information on a chat or forum unless you are all right with people using it.

4. Cookie: DoubleClick Dart

  • Google and third party vendors might use cookies to serve ads on this web site.
  • The use of the DART cookie by Google enables certain ads for users to be shown based on visits to this website, or other sites on the Internet.
  • A user may be able to opt out of this specific type of cookie if they follow the following URL location:
  • You can also choose to opt out of this and many other types of cookies used by third-party vendors by visiting URL:

Many of the people we have as partners for advertisers use cookies and web beacons on our website.

The partners that we have which do this are Google Adsense and Amazon Associates.

5. Google Adsense

These types of servers or networks use a technology on links and advertisements that appear on our site and are sent directly to your browser.

They will automatically do things like receive your IP address. Things such as cookies, Web Beacons, and JavaScript might also be used by these types of third parties in order to measure their advertisements for effectiveness, or to personalize the content for advertising that you see.

This web site has no control or access over these types of cookies that are used. This is the reason why you need to be sure to consult the policies for privacy that these third parties use. This helps you to find more details about them, as well as how to opt out of the practices they may employ. This does not apply to our site, and we cannot be held responsible for this. If you do wish to disable cookies from any site, you can easily do so through your specific browser options.

This can be done by consulting the website of the browser that you use.

6. Amazon Associates

This is a property that is managed by Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. This is an affiliate and advertising program which has been designed to provide a way to earn fees for advertising by showing and linking you to

7. Children

This website will never knowingly collect or solicit any Personally Identifiable Information from or under any children who are 13 or under, unless permitted by law.

In the event that we discover someone of this age or under has violated this policy we will promptly delete the information that was gathered. If you have reason to believe that a child of this age has visited this site, please contact us at the below address in order to promptly resolve the issues. This can be done by visiting our Contact Us page and following the instructions there.

8. Policy Changes

We have the right to change and add to this policy at any time that we wish.

Please check this page on a regular basis in order to see if we have changed any policies. The continued use of our site based on reading this policy means that you accept and understand these changes. Any information that we have collected before this change will be used in accordance with any laws applied at the time the information was gathered.

9. Governing Law

This policy, as well as the use of it, has been governed by the law of the United Kingdom.

If any problem or dispute arises under this policy, we agree that we will try to resolve it first with the help of a mediator who has been mutually agreed on within London, United Kingdom. Any fees or costs that are accrued during this mediation will be split between us equally.

If it proves impossible for us to arrive a satisfactory solution that is mutual, we will submit this dispute to the binding arbitration located in London, United Kingdom, under the rules of the American Arbitration Association. The judgment decided upon from this point on will be rendered by this jurisdiction. This website is controlled and operated, as well as administered, by the United Kingdom. This statement and any types of policies within are therefore not intended to create any contractual or legal rights on behalf of any party.

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