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This is the disclosure for my site eyebrow growth serum dot com. Please read it carefully.

Here is the link to the FTC ruling that mandates sites to have this kind of disclosures.

I just wish to express my gratitude to all my readers in regards to the immense opportunities you provide me an opportunity to provide written content, articles, blogs, reviews and opinions on my websites. I just wish to let you know that the only way I manage to keep my work free is when you, my dear readers, click on the links and then follow them to their websites. When you purchase the products, that I recommend (for example, but not limited to eyebrow growth serums such as LiBrow), on these websites, I will receive a referral and this are paid referrals.

This way, I receive an income; albeit modest that enables me retain this useful website.

The main reason why this particular article is written is to let you know that these links on my website exists. While they are not that many, they are still there. They are the ones that make it possible for me to continue writing new content, adding new articles and reviews. The referral links on this website will, however, never influence the kind of content or reviews on this website.

All written content will be independent and will be of the best quality in the market.

This way, you will not have to worry about the influence these website links will have with the content.

I earn a modest residual income every time my readers such as you click on these links and purchase from these websites. Even though the income is modest, it is important in helping me keep my design costs and web content low and affordable. Such links also enable bloggers keep their sites running and their costs low across the world.

I wish to say thank you so much for all your support.

Thanks /Manda J. Patterson (last updated my me on October 28, 2013.)

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